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Nadine and I shot an engagement session a couple weeks ago for a wonderful couple and their dog. They are such a sweet, loving couple who really care about nature and each other. I loved doing this shoot- we found such great locations, wonderful weather, as well as good company ūüėČ


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Cam and Fiona were so lucky for the great weather we were having the day of their wedding. A couple days before their wedding it was cold and grey here. ¬†During Cam and Fiona’s engagement session, I had tears in my eyes. The way they looked at each other and ¬†interacted with each other, it was so beautiful to see.

I just love this picture- they were such goofballs


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When Nadine and I first set out to this photo shoot, I was not in the mood to shoot ( just one of those days) but as soon as we got started, I couldn’t stop!! I absolutely loved photographing Mike and Amy. They were willing to do anything we suggested!! ¬†As I was editing these pictures, my eyes welled up with tears; I love how Mike made Amy giggle and smile. By the way he looked at her; you could see how much he loves her.

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I miss him. Like a lot. Everywhere I go, I see a version of him. Big and small. It’s hard seeing my soon-to-be ¬†11 dog becoming so slow and ¬†grey-haired; I remember when he used to be so youthful and spry!! My mom was always surprised when Dex took to me more than anyone when he came into our lives; My mom was the one who picked him up from Montreal at the breeders and brought him home. I remember that day so vividly. My brother and I had just finished our swimming lessons, and came home in a hurry, knowing that my mom would be home waiting for us. I walked into the kitchen, and saw this black little puppy hiding behind the garbage can. I sat on the floor and waited for him to come to me. He finally came and sat in my lap; I am the only one in the family he did that with and still will. Dexter has enriched all of our lives since arriving in our house 10 years ago. I never thought I would love an animal as much as I love him. It is like loving a family member- just a four legged one. I had always thought it was silly when people would baby talk to their dogs, but I have caught myself on many occasions talking to him like like that, who’s my baby!! i love you, my cute sweet pup. you’re my boo boo, and your feet smell like doritos( they do, I swear). So, to my best furry friend, my companion, my sidekick, my sweet little Dex, I miss you, and I will see you very soon ( less than 3 weeks in fact) and when I see you, I will kiss you, ¬†take you on a nice long walk, and get you those succulent bull..uhhh…bull weiners ( they are real bull….weiners) that you so love to chow down on for hours.


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At the start of the session, Cara and Jeff were very shy and not too sure how they would feel with two people in their faces with their cameras- I would be shy and nervous myself! After about 10-15 minutes, Cara and Jeff felt more at ease. Jeff  just recently bought himself a camera and was eager to start taking beginner lessons- he was also excited to share his ideas for poses!!

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Heather and Mike are such a funny, kind, loving couple. I enjoyed spending their special day with them and getting to know them. Their family and friends were also very inviting, warm people. It was so great to tag along with Nadine to this wedding.

Heather getting her makeup done

It was -15 out that day, but Heather didn’t mind, anything for the shot!!

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Fancy Band-aids

My name in Hebrew necklace

The candles Jonathan and I light every Friday night

Perfectly tweezed brows ( yes, those are my tweezers, I’m not ashamed)


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